Orthokeratology ("Ortho-K")

Orthokeratology (or "Ortho-K") is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses. It improves vision by gently reshaping the cornea (the transparent part of the eye) while you sleep using a specially designed rigid gas-permeable lens.

Ortho-K is an excellent choice for
  • People who do not want to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses but are unsuitable for laser surgery
  • People with dry eyes/allergies who are unable to wear contact lenses during the day.
  • Those engaged in sports (especially swimming/underwater activities)

It's also great for children, who have a greater tendency to lose or damage spectacles and contact lenses. Moreover, studies have also suggested that Ortho-K may actually slow or halt the progression of myopia (short sightedness) in young people.

The procedure was first used in the 1970's but has benefited from advancements in technology over the years. In order to create the contact lens, an instrument called a topographer is used which makes a three-dimensional map of the cornea.

From the the corneal topographs, we will design an individualised multi-curve lens which is then manufactured using modern computer assisted lathes. It may take a couple of weeks of night-time lens wear for optimum vision to be achieved, but some people can achieve this in as little as one day.

Brian Davidson is one of only two members in the UK of the American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control and International Academy of Orthokeratology, so you can be assured of our expertise in this field.

For more information, please see these FAQ's (external site) or watch the video below