Vocational eyecare

If your work involves prolonged VDU use, or takes place within a factory or construction environment, you may benefit from spectacles specially tailored for vocational purposes.

Prolonged VDU use can cause significant discomfort in persons with an uncorrected sight deficit.
There is no evidence to suggest that visual displays can cause damage to your eyes, however they can make latent problems become manifest. Regular eye examinations are therefore extremely important.

During your sight test, we'll ask you questions about your daily activities so that we can ascertain your needs and requirements. Should you require spectacles, we can offer a wide range of options including:

  • Single vision tweaked for computer use
  • "Office" lenses which can correct for both VDU and close work
  • Varifocals or bifocals. These can be made up as  intermediate and near if required, as opposed to the traditional distance and near format.
  • "Blue blocker" lens treatments which can reduce the amount of problematic blue light coming from display screens, phones and tablets.

Generally there's no single option that will suit everyone, so we will discuss each option with you and recommend the most appropriate way forward.

Factory/construction environments can present significant risks to employees’ vision. Chemicals, machinery, sparks or fragments of metal/masonry can all damage your eyes irreversibly. Even if spectacles are worn, they are unlikely to offer you the right level of protection.

We can offer a range of safety spectacles specially toughened to conform to strict European Standards, and are happy to liase with your health & safety department if requried to ensure any specific needs are met.

Vocational eyewear can be dispensed on either on a private individual basis, or through an arrangement with your employer. If you are an employer looking to provide eyecare to your staff, please contact us for an individual quote tailored to your requirements.